Hi! I’m Julie Hammers.

birdie&chick is a design and lifestyle blog dedicated to sharing all that I love.

I currently live in San Francisco and recently got married to an amazing man from Ireland. We love our little apartment in Duboce Triangle, our life together, and our pesky, but well-meaning cat Alfie.

Why the name birdie&chick? “Birdie” is the nickname given to me by my family when I was little. It stuck well past my childhood, and now I love it. “Chick” was the nickname of my late grandmother Charlene. She was an incredibly stylish, yet proper woman who still influences me till this day.

Professionally, I am a nerd. I first learned to code in 1985, made my first website in 1995, and have worked in tech since 2003. Weirdly enough, I actually studied writing and literature in college and planned to become a professional writer. I still hope to one day publish a novel or a children’s book. Or both!

Currently, I’m the founder of Swipe, a mobile design agency. Prior to Swipe, I led the mobile team at TaskRabbit, building their Apple award-winning iPhone app. My work focuses on user experience, interaction design, product design, and mobile development. I’m also a member of the Makeshift Society, a co-working space and clubhouse for creatives in San Francisco founded by Rena Tom and Victoria Smith.

Outside of being a complete dork: I’m obsessed with Fall, all things black, white, or orange, hot tea, and rainy weather. I used to DJ when I lived on the East Coast and many of my greatest adventures and stories are from going to see crazy gigs! I still have a fair amount of vinyl and almost always have music on in the house (if my husband isn’t playing his guitar!).

birdie&chick is the journal of my life as a newlywed and entrepreneur, as well as my creative cookbook for all that inspires me.

Have a cup of tea and stay for a chat, won’t you?