Blue Jean Baby

26 Aug 2013

As this summer draws to a close I’ve found myself obsessed, in a very nostalgic fashion, over a candle. This candle somehow encapsulates the best bits of my teenage years in the late nineties (without reeking of Nag Champa incense or clove cigarettes!).

Once it’s lit, suddenly:

Vintage Levis that fit just right. Late nights closing at a Boston coffee shop listening to The Smiths and Blur. My friends and I with long hair done up with a million tiny braids. Chanel lipstick in Vamp. I swear, it’s all there in this amazing little candle!


It’s called Blue Jean, and it’s made by Capri Blue, who you’re probably familiar with for their ubiquitous scent Volcano which always seems to be burning at Anthropologie. Volcano, though citrusy and sweetly pleasant, doesn’t really do it for me. Blue Jean on the other hand, is somehow capable of completely transporting me to another time and place.

And it’s a time and place that I’m quite fond of – so I’m going to cue the Elton John and soak in this summer scent while it lasts.






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